Current status: need help :)

Read our initial intentions post

As I said in the WordPress Core slack channel: We’ve lost @markoheijnen‘s involvement I think permanently, and @sciamannikoo is taken up with work issues so not able to give time (currently) to the proposal on translating data stored in options, similarly I’ve not had the time to devote to the post/term locale project ​although I still intend to​ 😦


  • We’re looking for more people to get involved
  • We’re taking a break this week and next, back Monday 26 October, although we’ll pop in on the intervening Mondays not for a full chat but to keep the cadence and see if anyone is around who wants to join in
    …ping me or @jennybcappaert if you’re interested in helping out, please 🙂

#core-channel, #core-multilingual