Core Multilingual Support chat notes,…

Core Multilingual Support chat notes, Monday 14 September 2015.
Transcript starts at 16h UTC.

@sc0ttkclark joined us in the discussion after giving @markoheijnen and I admin access to the WP Compare doc. As he’s working on the Fields API project, he was inquiring as to whether there is anything with regard to locale and the core propositions that we’re working on that he should be aware of / that he might take into special consideration.

i assume you have the same concerns with Customizer API

We have not, as of yet, discussed our current proposals/research in terms of other APIs.


  1. What can be localized and translated through po/mo should be.
  2. Where fields are dependent posts they will inherit locale.
  3. Are there cases where fields aren’t dependent on posts?
  4. Are there cases where fields shouldn’t inherit locale?