Core Multilingual Support chat notes,…

Core Multilingual Support chat notes, Monday 27 July 2015

Chat transcript starts at 16:07pm UTC. Discussion centred around Proposal 1 (locales for terms and posts), and Proposal 2 (make it easier to translate widgets, user meta, and options).

Adding locales to posts and terms (proposal 1)

@simonwheatley would like to define what would make the proposal worth doing, so we can hold ourselves to account on that. Possibly some experiments to assess the changes in types, efficiency, and quantities of queries if this API and data structure was available.

Relating post translations is considered out of scope for this proposal, as taxonomies already provide a way to associate posts, and, further down the Taxonomy Roadmap we will have other methods for relating posts to each other.

Make it easier to translate widgets, user meta, and options (proposal 2)

We discussed a possible extension of this idea to provide an API and data structure for storage of translations, but we decided this would add too much complexity. @sciamannikoo is considering an implementation which basically uses a gettext-like filter, where we pass the string, and some data to contextualize that string. Perhaps something like apply_filters('some_handle_I_cant_think_of', $string, $context);.

We will need to include strong arguments with both proposals which cover how we are making things better, how the proposed changes will not break existing sites, and how the proposals make things possible or easier where previously they were impossible or difficult.

Both the proposals discussed will aim to add some notes and intentions on this site.

@MarkoHeijnen offered apologies that he’d not had time to look into things.

Any feedback or discussion on these notes is more than welcome! Please just add a comment. 😀